Supporting Mental Health, Art and Self Care

If you have mental health challenges and an interest in advocacy, or work in the mental health field and are in need of self care, our goal is to create a community of support where mental health advocates can share their art and stories.

We believe that through this engagement we can grow together, reduce burnout, reduce stress and encourage personal growth on a multitude of levels.


Art can be a healing outlet for those experiencing persistent mental health challenges. We also know those who work within the mental health field are at higher risk of experiencing secondary trauma. We believe engaging in external creative outlets could promote positive healing.

Self Care

Self care is a large part of keeping a healthy mentality while working in the mental health field. We believe there are ways to engage in creativity even when we least expect it, allowing for creative outlets and self-care even at times that would otherwise seem in-opportune.

Mental Health

This website is to help encourage positive mental health to all, but especially to those within the mental health community engaging in support and treatment for those persistent mental health challenges. This can also be used by those experiencing mental health challenges themselves. We believe art is healing and will provide a wonderful creative outlet to those feeling overloaded from life’s stressors.

My goal is to inspire, create, learn and grow with other mental health advocates in a positive and relaxing environment.

Jeanine Beverly – MSSW QMHP



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