Some Basic Facts; Living With ADHD

These wonderful imaginative, creative, passionate people have a verity of strengths that the title of this neurological variation forgets to mention. Our biology is different from person to person.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Micro Look at Treatment Options.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is classified as an anxiety disorder resulting from the experience of witnessing or seeing a traumatic event. This diagnosis changes over-all brain chemistry and the bodies fight or flight response and results in increased arousal when . PTSD is an important public health issue, and it is becoming increasingly common and known…

Individuals are MORE than their DSM Diagnosis.

Today I had to write a short literature reflection on the DSM and how it does not follow a completely ethical code when it comes to basic mental health diagnostics. For those who do not know what the DSM is, it is a primary tool used to diagnose mental health conditions in the United States….

Dealing With Criticism When You have Mental Health Challenges

I want to touch on something that I feel is important, especially in today’s society as the internet grows and continues to bring forth a verity of interactions with many types of diverse individuals. These experiences can be both positive and negative. Most humans in today’s modern age have all been effected by ‘troll’s or judgment from others through online social media at one point or another.

How Self-Care Changes Lives

Why is self-care so important to our over-all being? It allows our bodies to return to base-line and even produce positive feelings of well-being, which improves confidence, self-esteem and can even improve energy levels. Self-care is important because it effects not only ourselves but those around us; due to our behaviors and reactions to external…

My Experience with Neurodiversity and Friendships

“Once their loved ones understand the cause and effect of this diagnosis, it can help them to empathize and increase healthy communication between both individuals. ” Something that I feel should be touched on more regularly is what adults and children with ADHD should look for in their friendships, be it with friends, family or…