Covid-19 and Increased Mental Health Symptoms

There have been great increases in mental health challenges world wide as we continue to navigate this very confusing time period. I simply want to write this to let you know that you are not alone if you have been having increased worry, anxiety, depression, concern, agitation, sluggishness, exhaustion and or mental fatigue.

There seems to be a feeling of concentrated and collective abandonment from the same systems that are suppose to be protecting us all in this time of crisis. Without going into politics; I just want to say that the system as it is currently has been such a let down for many of us, no matter what your expectations were. I hear you. I hear your concerns. We are all seeing the various holes within our social safety nets and we are watching as the external environment tears away at our livelihoods, our connections to one another, and even our physical health.

This is a time of great stress and I just want you to know that if you are reading this; you being here right now is enough. Its okay to be tired, anxious, sad, exhausted ect… these are normal human feelings in the wake of all of this chaos. I am not here to tell you some toxic positivity sermon about how to better your life with coaching or yoga or smoothies. I simply just want to stop in and tell you that you are enough, right here, right now, and you owe no apologies for your feelings as we work as a society to navigate this now ever changing environment.


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